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Mrs A.B., born in '85

"When I went to Diana Ramette I was going though a tough phase in my life. With Diana Ramette I dared going into “places” I had never dared going. Through her amazing guided meditations I was able to see through me, to go back to my inner child, to hug her, the small me, and to tell her that it’s ok, that she will be ok. We did all sorts of things: from meditations through sometimes just listening to her lovely voice, trying out different instruments, to even daring to write my first own song. My absolute favorite thing was the bed with the sound (I forgot the name). Diana Ramette is amazing, warm hearted, open, kind. If you were always thinking about trying out music therapy then Diana Ramette is your person! You will not regret it!"

A.G., mother of A.,

8 years old

"I am a mother of a child with autism. I pay a lot of attention to a low-sugar diet, which reduces the symptoms of autism. I have organized several therapies for my son, including music therapy. If in the beginning my son demanded my presence and was restlessly running back and forth most of the time, now he stays alone in the music therapy with Mrs. Ramette without any problems. The few times I have been there, I have noticed how concentrated he can now sing, play along or move during the individual musical activities. He seems to be learning a lot of new things and having fun doing it."

Ms S.H., born in '71

"Sensitive and at the same time very clear, Ms Ramette helped me to look at a problem, to accept it (sometimes tears flowed, liberating ones) and to find new approaches to solving the problem at its root, to practise more appropriate ways of behaving, to replace old beliefs with new ones that serve me better. A very wide range of instruments are available (we also worked with the voice) and no matter which one I chose, Ms Ramette always accompanied me in such a way that I liked the resulting "own piece of music" that was created. She encouraged me, sometimes even inspired me. My room for manoeuvre is much greater than before the therapy. In one of the last therapy sessions I realised (not in my head, I already knew it there): when I am completely in my body, nothing can happen to me. This is a wonderful key for me and I am very, very grateful. It makes everything easier. Music therapy helps me a lot to anchor my knowledge and my new insights in my body; only if I know something physically, I can also call it up in challenging, stressful situations. With the free singing/vocal toning I have found a tool with which I can calm and centre myself. I experience Ms Ramette as clear and very present, loving, empathic, versatile, discerning and very competent. If you're thinking about doing music therapy, definitely do it with her! "

Renata L., Nursing specialist from the canton of Bern

"If you want to find inspiration for your everyday life and discover unknown worlds within yourself, I can only recommend the therapy with Diana Ramette-Schneider. She had a phenomenal sense for my current concerns and helped me to quickly get into action without talking things to death. Sometimes we moved and sang, sometimes we listened to music quietly, sometimes we discovered the many instruments in the room. I now have a collection of songs and a personalised dance playlist to accompany me through life. Wonderful."

Mr F., born in '83

"At the beginning of my work with Ms Ramette, I was in a traumatically induced acute and permanent stress situation. Due to my volatility, which is characteristic of adult ADHD and which also affected my coping efforts, it was not easy for me to make progress or even to allow feelings. Working with Ms Ramette helped me to work with my musical and also creative talents. During that time I wrote some songs and could interpret them with Ms. Ramette. Ms Ramette responded to me patiently and considerately and was fully invested in my recovery process. Moreover, she is musically adept and was able to respond spontaneously to my wishes, so that I could feel harmony twice a month when I otherwise experienced life as stressful. For me, this was by no means just a supplement to my therapy, but ultimately also the key to allowing feelings on the one hand and to stick to one thing until I'd get tangible results on the other. In the meantime, I have been able to realign my life and have learned another musical instrument. I am very grateful for that."

Ms M.L., born in 2000

"After each session I felt relaxed, lighter and closer to myself. In my opinion, Mrs Ramette has something very special and magical. In addition to a lot of heart and empathy, she can pick you up, be it in a conversation or when making music together. I am very grateful for her support, and I could profit and take to my heart a lot from her presence! I can only recommend her services and I myself will gladly use this offer again. A big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!"
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